When your surgery is closed . . .

Grabadoc Healthcare Society is an organisation founded and run by local GPs who practise in the London Boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley. We provide out-of-hours general and primary medical services to all the residents of Greenwich and Bexley when the GPs’ surgeries are closed.

If you ever need to seek medical advice or treatment from GRABADOC, you can rest assured that the service you receive is one of the highest quality provided by GPs some of whom work during normal hours and who are likely to be known to your own doctor.

We are financed and supported by both Greenwich Teaching Primary Care Trust and Bexley Care Trust. We operate from our main base at 394 Shooters Hill Road, we have clinics in Bexley and we organise GP presence in the A & E departments at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich.

GRABADOC is committed to providing the highest quality of patients’ care. We observe and follow national standards for the provision of out-of-hours primary medical services against which our work is regulated and closely monitored.

If you require urgent help . . .

If you require urgent help and feel you cannot wait until your surgery re-opens, telephone your own doctor’s number and have a pen and paper handy. A message will inform you how to contact the out-of-hours service.

When you call GRABADOC a trained receptionist will take details from you. Please have the following details ready:

  • Patient’s name and address
  • Name of patient’s doctor
  • Details of the medical condition
  • Details of any medication being taken
  • Details of any special directions to the patient’s home

You will be put through to speak to a doctor right away or be called back as soon as a doctor is available.

What happens next . . .

The doctor can:

  • Offer advice
  • Suggest a remedy you can buy from the chemist or arrange a prescription you can collect
  • Offer an appointment at our main base in Woolwich or one of the local clinics in Bexley. (These are not walk-in centres. Please ring and speak to a doctor first.)
  • Arrange a home visit, when thought appropriate by the doctor
  • Refer you directly to Accident and Emergency or the Minor Injuries Unit at your local hospital or request an ambulance transfer

Following your contact with GRABADOC, a fax is sent to your GP the next working day with details of any treatment given so they are aware of what has happened and can action any follow-up required.

In a great majority of cases . . .

In the majority of cases it is best for patients to see the doctor at GRABADOC’s base where the equipment and support for a proper examination are available. Also, a doctor at the base can see and help many more patients in the time it takes to do one home visit – so more patients benefit and the waiting time to see a doctor is much shorter for everyone.

There are no facilities within the NHS to transport patients to see the doctor for GP ‘on call’ services so, in most cases, patients are expected to make their own arrangements to get to the emergency clinic.

GRABADOC sympathises with the difficulties this may cause some people, but must emphasise that the doctor’s decision to offer a home visit is made on strict medical grounds only.

All calls received at GRABADOC are recorded for medico-legal reasons and to ensure high standards.

When you start to feel unweIl . . .

What should I do ?

Should I go to the doctor ?

When you start to feel unwell when your surgery is closed there are a number of options open to you:

• You may wish to consult your local pharmacist for advice or appropriate medication.

• If you require health advice or information you could call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 or visit their website nhsdirect.co.uk

Improving the service . . .

We monitor the service GRABADOC provides:

knowing what patients think is very important. Please help by

• Responding to a random questionnaire if you are sent one

• Making comments or suggestions regarding our service and your experience of it

Please either write to GRABADOC at the address below or use the suggestion box at the base.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service, GRABADOC has a complaints procedure that was developed in line with NHS guidelines.

If you wish to complain about any aspect of the GRABADOC service, please write to:

The Manager
394 Shooters Hill Road
SE18 4LP

You will receive a written acknowledgment within 2 working days and a full response within 10 working days.

GRABADOC is part of the NHS Zero Tolerance Scheme. All forms of verbal or physical abuse towards our staff will be reported to the police.